Frederic Lassara

After 15 years working for an Automotive European OEM, Frederic Lassara has founded an Internet-of-Things and Artificial Intelligence start-up, dedicated to connected Industry 4.0 workers.

While working for PSA, he has experienced transforming an Industrial company into a Mobility Service Provider with Industry 4.0 assets. He had the opportunity to work for IT department, Purchasing and Corporate Strategy and also became passionate about Urban Mobility.

By creating the Rcup Start-up, he wanted to connect Workers 4.0, through Personal Protective Equipments in order to prevent Health and Security (HSE) risks, while offering Industry 4.0 extra value. During this experience, we have raised (>€1,5M) Seed equity to hire 12 people working in Electronics, front-end and back-end, Artificial Intelligence and sales. They help their customers - large global French firms- to innovative in HSE and Industry 4.0