Le livre, Internet of Augmented Me : Empowering Innovation for a New Sustainable

We are at the dawn of a new era, the “Internet of Augmented Me”, I.AM! I.AM is the path way towards the “convergence for good” of the three worlds, biological, physical and digital, as the opportunity of the 2020’s decade to better face tackle the most difficult toughest challenge we are faceing: climate change, resource depletion, the aging of the population, social inclusion and the people empowerment of people.
People expect to be trustily and ethically augmented while having the final say word that gives a genuine meaning sense to their life oin a sustainable planet! As Bill Gates puts it, “Technology is unlocking the innate compassion for our Fellow human beings”.
This is exactly what I.AM is about! Based on inspirational work by Gary Shapiro, CEO of CTA-CES, the six co-authors, from very diverse backgrounds, industry (Airbus, EDF), start-up (BTU ValYooTrust), consulting firms (Sia Partners Tasmane), academia (IMT, French MIT) and organizations (Mission CES France), present in a precise sharp and comprehensive way manner all the aspects every angle of the I.AM: humans, society, ethics, trust, economyeconomics, opportunities, technology, industry, etc and so on. The book zooms in on the into disruptive concepts of I.AM, such as: Trust as a Service, Business as a Game, ATAWAD (AnyTime, AnyWhere, Any Device), Productivity of Collaborative Exchange (PCE), Unimedia, Shazamization of Everything, Decentralization of Everything, BOTization and Build to Order for Me, Blockchain and Empowerment of Me, Edge Computing, Augmented Industry, Augmentation Value Chain, etc.

The readability and fluenteasy–to-read and the fluid style of this book target a wide rangethe broadest scope of readers, from purpose-driven citizens, to students, researchers, experts, innovators, consultants, business-oriented individuals, managers and politicians ready to give empower people the means for a more sustainable future!